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The Antique Collector Quality Website Award Program

You are invited to apply for the Antique Collector Award and display it on your site anywhere you choose. We visit and carefully review every web site which is nominated for our awards. Winners receive notification by email and, where necessary, coding instructions for award placement.

If you know other webmasters who are justifiably proud of their site and might like to apply please use the link at the bottom of the page, or write to us with their URL and email address, we'll do the rest.
Good luck with your application!
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The Antique Collector Awards.

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Note: This is a humble apology to anyone who applied for the award before christmas 2004 and never got a reply. My computer died a noisy death, rather like an opera heroine, and took with it, a ton of data. Part of the lost data included the contents of my Award Applications folder. Please, if you're not too mad at me, and you're still interested, apply again. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience - Phil.

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To apply for your site award, please email us and include these few details. Copy and paste the following text block into your email and fill in the blanks. Send it to:  

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
URL of Your Site:
A Short Description:
Where did you hear about us?:

Five reasons why a web site award is worth having!
  • It demonstrates the effort and time you have put into your website.
  • It means you have a flair for design and an eye for detail.
  • It means you have acquired sufficient knowledge to create and maintain your site.
  • It suggests that you consider the interests of others in your site content.
  • It creates perceived value by your visitors when you link to other sites of interest to them.
Entry to the award scheme is FREE and any site is eligible to join. Graphics size has been kept as small as possible so that your webpage download time does not suffer. Remember, if you can build your own website, you may qualify for an award!

We Are Proud to Offer This Award to Web Sites Offering the Following:
  • Obviously, we are biased toward Antique related sites, but as AntiqueCollector is also an educational site, we invite all sites to apply which are information based.
  • That includes websites that show a high degree of excellence in a particular field.
  • And websites that are useful or entertaining to visitors.
  • Sites need to be easily understood, quick to load and easy to navigate.
  • Please provide your site in English. Though I speak a little French, my language skills are almost solely English.
  • Quality graphics and good use of space will definitely increase your chances.
  • Original graphics are best if you can create them.
  • Use some good optimizing software to bring your image sizes down as small as possible without sacrificing quality.
  • All HTML coding, images, and links need to be in working order.
  • Test your site so that it looks good in Netscape and Internet Explorer (not difficult if you are careful with coding).
  • A note about the previous point; Sites don't need to look exactly the same in various browsers, just acceptable to view and not broken.
  • Commercial sites must have a privacy policy, land contact details and a secure ordering facility.
  • Lastly, your site must not contain, nor have links to, any adult, or illegal, content.


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